BREAKING: War Announcement Stuns America - Senator Gives Warning...

October 20, 2022

Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, recently exposed the new strategy being deployed by liberals.

On November 9, liberals are going to go back to openly waging war on American oil, gas, and coal.

Right now, liberals are letting those American industries slide a little bit because they know that keeping energy prices down is going to really help their chances in November. Energy prices are currently soaring, and Democrats are going to do whatever they can to make it not look like their fault heading into midterms.

The problem with that logic is that America already knows it's around 100% their fault.

Tom Cotton is here to tell it like it is:

The "reason we have so much inflation is the price of energy is so high because it doesn’t just hit families in their budget when the price they pay for gasoline is high, it drives up the cost of manufacturing, it drives up the cost of doing business, it drives up the cost of transportation. That very much is an intentional policy. The Democrats want energy prices to be high, because they want to end American production of fossil fuels, oil and gas and coal. They may not say it in the 45 days before election, they may rely on gimmicks like releasing oil from the Strategic Oil Reserve, which is also dangerous to our national security, but mark my words, on November 9th the Democrats will go back to openly waging war on American oil, gas and coal."

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