BREAKING: Vladimir Putin's SICKENING Target Exposed - Surely He Wouldn't Do It...

October 24, 2022

New reports indicate that Vladimir Putin is planning to blow up the Kakhovka dam in Ukraine, which would release an 18 million-ton wall of water and flood 80 towns and villages, including the major city of Kherson.

Ukrainian intelligence indicates that Russian forces have mined the Kakhovka hydroelectric plant and could blow it up if they retreat.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy issued a statement saying, "Destroying the dam would mean a large-scale disaster. If Russian terrorists blow up this dam, more than 80 settlements, including Kherson, will be in the zone of rapid flooding. Hundreds of thousands of people could be affected."

Russian forces have been forced back in recent weeks, and Ukrainian forces are eager to recapture Kherson, the first major city to fall to the Russian invasion.

However, if Russian forces blow up the dam, it will have devastating consequences for Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin's failure in Ukraine has clearly driven him out of his mind, and it seems he is planning to destroy everything he can, even as his forces are forced to retreat.

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