BREAKING: Violent Attack Surprises President Biden [Developing]

October 1, 2022

John Nolte is one of the most popular writers on

He claims that America has been under a wave of political violence since September 1, and there's one person to blame for it:

Joe Biden.

Nolte claims Biden launched a "hate campaign against Trump voters on September 1." According to him, that campaign is the reason we've been seeing the violence we have during September of 2022.

During September, Biden unleashed his famous red glow speech.

"MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution, they do not believe in the rule of law. They do not believe in the rule of law. They do not recognize the will of the people," Biden hollered. "MAGA forces are determined to take this country backwards. Backwards to an America where there is no right to choose. No right to privacy. No right to contraception. No right to marry who you love. They promote authoritarian leaders, and they fan the flames of political violence."

Nolte says that the evidence since that day speaks for itself:

September 20: Local media report a North Dakota man ran down and killed a teen with his car because the 18-year-old was a “Republican extremist.”

September 21: New Mexico Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Ronchetti had the windows of his home shot out.

September 25: Two staffers for Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R-TX) reelection campaign were assaulted in Houston.

September 26: A Michigan man allegedly shot an 84-year-old pro-life volunteer in the back.

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