BREAKING: U.S. Military Sends Out B-52s After Urgent Alarm - Nation Stunned...

November 2, 2022

Get ready world, America is taking action. Six nuclear-capable B-52 bombers are on their way to a "remote Australian airbase."

This move is aimed DIRECTLY AT CHINA.

Becca Wasser represents the Center for New American Security. She knows that China is up to no good. Having an American presence on their side of the world might be just the suggestion they need to stay in line.

"Having bombers that could range and potentially attack mainland China could be very important in sending a signal to China that any of its actions over Taiwan could also expand further."

This follows a similar move in June, when four nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bombers were deployed to remote bases in an attempt to catch China's attention.

B-52s have been the workhorses of America's Air Force for over sixty years. They were getting the job done then. If China wants to find out, the B-52s can still get the job done now.

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