BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Uncovers Biden Bombshell - America Stunned...

August 26, 2022

Tucker Carlson does NOT believe that Joe Biden is erasing debt in good faith because it will help the country.

Quite the opposite, in fact. It's a scam meant to buy votes.

Tucker let Joe's decision to cancel up to $20,000 of student debt per borrower face the music.

"The whole thing’s a scam, obviously. Think timeshares in Cabo, but without the waterfront condos. We said all of this many times on the show. College debt is real. It’s hurting young people and there is really no good reason for it."

"So, when Joe Biden announced today that he plans to cancel some of that debt, the obvious response would be to celebrate the announcement, but we didn’t right away. Instead, we paused to learn the details about what he was proposing. That’s a habit we’ve picked up from watching people like Joe Biden in action over the past several years. It’s always worth reading the fine print.

These are the very same people, after all, who decided it was a good idea somehow to defund the police. They’re the ones who forced the entire American population to take an experimental COVID vaccine, even when it became obvious that it didn’t work.

These are the people who sent crack pipes to crack addicts, the ones who think 16-year-olds should vote in presidential elections, the ones who screamed at you about how Ukraine’s borders are sacrosanct, but yours are racist, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

These are people, in other words, with a long and public track record of very bad ideas, extraordinarily bad ideas; ideas so stupid you couldn’t make them up."

And then came the truth bomb:

"So, the question is, is this idea different? We want it to be, but unfortunately, it’s not and here is how you know it’s not. Colleges aren’t refunding any of the loan money. You are. You are. 'But wait,' you say, 'I didn’t defraud anyone.' 'I didn’t claim that a degree in Postcolonial Liberation Studies from Wesleyan would be worth anything. I didn’t take 80 grand a year from middle class families in order to turn their children into Xanax-addicted robots with no job prospects.'

Well, no, you didn’t do any of that, but you’re paying reparations anyway. Wesleyan is not. Wesleyan is off the hook. They all are. They’ll pay nothing for the scam they perpetrated, though they’re a lot richer than you will ever be. No, you’re paying. It’s on you."

The big scam is here.

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