BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Says It's The End - Viewers In Disbelief...

August 31, 2022

Fox News host Tucker Carlson took some time during Monday's show to wonder why Europeans would go along with green policies when their energy costs are skyrocketing so fast that communities are selling out of cord wood and coal as people seek alternatives to oil and gas.

Some parts of Europe are seeing their energy costs increase up to sevenfold as temperatures cool--leaving residents unable to afford anything else that they usually buy and decimating local economies.

Carlson pointed out that Russia is not suffering the same shortages as the rest of Europe--they have plenty of oil and gas because the rest of Europe has boycotted it due to the war in Ukraine.

President Joe Biden's ineffective policy has been to demand Russian President Vladimir Putin's surrender when he is currently winning the war despite billions of American and European dollars in aid and weapons.

"This isn’t bad policy. This is nuts," he said. "It makes no sense. In fact, it only makes sense if the goal is to completely destroy the West in order to make way for Chinese global dominance."

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