BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Reveals Democrat Crime Scandal - BOOM

October 26, 2022

Tucker Carlson recently dropped a bombshell on his program that is changing the way many viewers perceive our entire country.

There's been a rise in crime in America recently. Tucker is calling this an obvious "attempt" to destroy the American middle class by liberals. In otherwords, the failure of America has been intentional.

Ever since liberals "won" the 2020 election, our country has been headed in the wrong direction. Gas is twice as expensive, our retirement funds are getting wiped out, and "temporary" inflation has already cost the average American THOUSANDS of dollars per year.

What liberals have been doing has NOT been in America's best interest.

Tucker Carlson insists that this is no accident. It's designed to encourage MORE government by making America seem worse than it is.

Liberals are putting forth policies that have an ultimate goal different from the surface level purpose. Carlson thinks that secret goal is to ruin America.

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