BREAKING: Tucker Carlson In Stunning Crime Update - Viewers Shocked...

July 10, 2022

Fox News host Tucker Carlson stunned Americans by declaring that the Covid-19 pandemic amounted to the "greatest crime in history," during the Friday broadcast of his show.

Carlson also sounded the alarm on how China has taken advantage of the pandemic and the post-pandemic fallout to advance its position in the world.

Carlson began his show by saying, "A look back for a moment, the coronavirus pandemic, that would be the virus itself, and our government's response to it turns out to have been the single most destructive event to take place in the United States in our lifetime — so destructive that it's going to be many years before we know for certain what the last two and a half years have caused to all of us."

The pandemic may very well be in the rearview for many Americans, but the effects and the fundamental changes to our world are here to stay.

Carlson continued saying, "In other words, the coronavirus didn't simply change the United States; the coronavirus changed the balance of power in the world forever. So, when you think of COVID that way, and that's the way the people who run governments think about it, trust us, when you think of it that way, it becomes pretty obvious that this was more than an overhyped public health emergency. In fact, it may very well have been a crime, the greatest crime in history."

Despite all of this, President Biden and many world leaders have done nothing to hold China accountable for the Covid-19 pandemic.

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