BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Exposes Huge Lie - Misinformation Bombshell...

August 19, 2022

Tucker Carlson knows a lie when he sees one.

He's just seen one:

The Inflation Reduction act.

Not even liberals have been fooled by the recent passing of the Inflation Reduction act. Even they know there is zero inflation reduction actually in the bill, it's all marketing.

They've said it themselves.

Tucker Carlson put it better than they ever could though, and alerted Americans to the danger that's really going on behind the scenes here:

"What does the Inflation Reduction Act do? Come on, what are you, slow? The answer is right there in the name. The Inflation Reduction Act is an act that reduces inflation. It’s an inflation-reducing act and that’s welcome news because inflation is indeed a problem. In fact, voters say it’s the problem they worry about most.

So, Congress has decided to reduce it. That’s how things work in Washington. You would identify a crisis, and then you pass a law making it illegal. Crisis solved. It’s simple.

Getting too hot for you in the summer? No problem, just have Congress write a law banning high temperatures. That’s effectively our climate change policy and as we know, it works. The science on that has been settled. Don’t deny it.

Now, Congress has decided to bring that very same approach to inflation. Just command it to go down."

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