BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Drops Hammer On Moral Atrocity [Developing]

October 22, 2022

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said the upcoming midterm elections will offer a chance for Americans to render judgment on "unprecedented moral atrocities."

"We are going to start the week by doing something we rarely do, which is bombarding you with political cliches. We usually leave that to MSNBC. But we’re going to tell you what you already know, which is midterm elections are always and everywhere a referendum on the party in power. That’s true. That’s true this year, too," Carlson said.

"But this year, they are not just that. They’re more than that," Carlson continued. "In just 22 days, Americans will have the chance to render judgment on the unprecedented moral atrocities our leadership class has committed over the past two years."

"The shameless lying, the arrogance, the stupidity, the total incompetence, the unfairness, the relentless and vicious racism toward the majority of the American population, all of which together amount to, yes, attacks on democracy itself. If you believed in democracy, you would not act like this. No one has ever run a developed country with this degree of recklessness," Carlson continued.

"The question is, is anyone ever going to be punished for it? That’s what’s really on the ballot this November 8th. So, for Republicans, the election should be easy, not that you should ever for a second underestimate their ability to screw it up anyway. They may. But the template for success is right in front of them. Just run against Joe Biden," he added.

"There may be people out there who feel sorry for Joe Biden, but there’s absolutely nobody who thinks or can argue with a straight face that he’s doing a good job because he’s not. So, just say that. You’re not the Biden candidate. Run on the economy and crime, homelessness — it’s everywhere, have you noticed — fentanyl and on what Joe Biden has done to our Southern border. Stick to the obvious issues and you’re probably going to win. How could you not?" Carlson said.

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