BREAKING: Trump Jr Shocks With New Video - Biden Is FUMING...

August 27, 2022

Donald Junior has an announcement for America: Conservatives are tired of living their lives in a liberal utopia.

We want social media where freedom of speech is real, not the liberal echo chambers of Twitter and Facebook.

Conservatives are taking control of the ways that they spend their time and money, and the economy is starting to take notice.

Disney stock is down.

Netflix stock is down.

Real Americans are going to spend their entertainment dollars in areas that mean something to them.

That's where the new movie, My Son Hunter comes in.

"Our people have finally had enough," Donald Jr. said. "We’re no longer just saying, ‘Well, we’re going to accept different views’ while the other side takes your hard-earned money and uses it and weaponizes it against all of your belief systems day in and day out. They’ve said enough, and now they’re looking for alternate venues to spend their hard-earned money and I think this movie is going to be an incredible example of that."

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