BREAKING: Trump Jr. Busts FBI Wide Open - BOOM

August 28, 2022

Donald Trump Jr. reacted to the release of the Mar-A-Lago raid affidavit on Friday, which was so heavily redacted in some parts as to be pretty much useless.

“Well this really clears things up,” Donald Trump Jr. said on Twitter, showing an image of pages that are nearly all blacked out.

Others also mocked the redactions on social media, but former DNI Chief Richard Grenell was more serious in his assessment.

"This is way too much redaction. Revealing a source or a method is the only reason to redact. This is done by redacting words not paragraphs. Intel agencies have created a crisis of confidence," he tweeted.

Former President Donald Trump also reacted to the affadavit's release, saying, "Judge Bruce Reinhart should NEVER have allowed the Break-In of my home."

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