BREAKING: Trump Grinning After New Report On FBI Mar-A-Lago Raid - Hahaha

August 24, 2022

Surely the Biden DOJ didn't intend to make more people support former President Donald Trump by raiding Mar-A-Lago, but a new poll shows that's exactly what the FBI raid on his private residence has done.

An NBC poll that asked, “Do you consider yourself to be more of a supporter of Donald Trump or more of a supporter of the Republican Party?” shifted by seven points, 41% for Trump and 34% for the GOP.

As of January, only 36% supported Trump more while 56% said they supported the GOP more.

Republicans were outraged by the raid and have rallied around Trump strongly since then and  have increased their lead on the generic congressional ballot.

Trump has decried the raid and filed a lawsuit asking for an independent review of the items taken.

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