BREAKING: Trump Enemy Gets VERY Bad News - She's Done...

August 15, 2022

Trump-endorsed Kelly Tshibaka blasted Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska for being a hypocrite.

"Speaking with host Matthew Boyle on Breitbart News Saturday, Tshibaka said Murkowski’s 21 year career has been marred by lying to voters about her Senate voting record," reports Breitbart.

"She doesn’t tell us the truth. She says one thing here in Alaska and then does the exact opposite in D.C.," said Tshibaka. "She’ll talk about writing the infrastructure bill with Bernie Sanders, but she won’t tell us that the radical extremists in the Biden administration are piling up all these new regulations on us [in the bill]. It drives up the rate of inflation so high that we won’t see additional funding, they’ve got all these regulations and permits we’ve got a jump through that we’re gonna see barely any infrastructure."

Tshibaka continued, "It’s all about the Green New Deal. She ran ads just a couple of months ago saying that she was a fierce defender of the Second Amendment while she was colluding with the Democrats and Joe Biden to vote for gun control and our gun rights. This is the thing that costs her NRA endorsement, and so now she’s dropped in her reading with them, and I’d have the RA’s highest rating, we are very much pro-Second Amendment and against those Red Flag laws that she voted for."

"She voted against the Democrats' efforts to codify Roe versus Wade," Tshibaka added.

"She claims that she doesn’t think that there should be late-term abortions or taxpayer-funded abortions, but then just a couple of weeks ago, she was the one who introduced the bill for late-term abortion, and she’s consistently voted to fund the national abortion providers with taxpayer money," Tshibaka said. "This is the kind of thing she does all the time, and so this is why everybody across the state is saying, 'It’s time for a change.'"

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