BREAKING: Trump Enemy Gets BEAT Down - Humiliating Loss...

September 23, 2022

It seems these days that if you are not aligned with and supported by former President Donald Trump, you will lose.

That is the case for never-Trumper Evan McMullin of Utah, who appears to be losing big to incumbent Republican Senator Mike Lee.

Lee is leading never-Trumper and Utah independent Senate candidate Evan McMullin by 11 points, according to a recent poll.

"The Utah Debate Commission released a nonpartisan poll which found that Lee has 48 percent support, McMullin has 37 percent support, and only five percent of voters remain undecided about the Senate race," reported Breitbart.

"A recent poll conducted on behalf of Lee’s campaign said that Lee led McMullin by 18 points, while an internal poll for McMullin had the Never-Trumper down by one point against Lee," reported Breitbart.

"Recent poll numbers are encouraging. Sen. Lee is committed to earning every vote so he can continue fighting for conservative values and economic principles that help Utah families," said Lee’s campaign manager, Matt Lusty.

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