BREAKING: Trump Enemy Exposed In Sick Scandal - He Was Right...

October 28, 2022

One of Donald Trump's most critical haters should probably look in the mirror before spouting off at the mouth any further.

Gretchen Whitmer has just been caught in a web of lies.

The Governor of Michigan is barely clinging on in her race against Republican Tudor Dixon, and on Tuesday Dixon poured more fuel onto the fire that says Whitmer is a liar.

Whitmer and Dixon were debating in front of an office regarding school closures during the pandemic. Over the course of discussion, Whitmer tried to claim that she only kept children out of schools for 25% as long as she did, hoping nobody would notice.

"I’m pretty sure I just heard an audible gasp around town when Gretchen Whitmer said that kids were out of school for three months," Dixon had to tell the audience. "Perhaps she wasn’t paying attention to what was actually happening."

Whitmer knew what was happening, she made the rules.

She was simply lying.

Dixon set the record straight almost immediately: "This is shocking to me that she thinks that schools were only closed for three months, or maybe she thinks she can convince you that schools were only closed for three months, but you know better because your students are the ones that are desperately behind."

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