BREAKING: Trump Enemy BLASTED After Shocking Report - Trump Laughing...

October 22, 2022

The Detroit News is one of Michigan's largest newspapers.

What they say matters to the people of Detroit, and the people of Michigan around them.

As one of the most liberal cities in the nation, Detroit has suffered because of liberal decision-making for literally decades. The Detroit News has finally had enough.

It's time for a change.

Shockingly, the editorial board of the Detroit News has decided to NOT endorse Governor Gretchen Whitmer for reelection. Despite Whitmer being a Democrat, this is one editorial board that doesn't feel the need to support her no matter what. In fact, they reject her because of her "inclination toward authoritarianism."

The solution? Make Republican Tudor Dixon the winner of the gubernatorial race in Michigan this fall.

"Our issue is not that she took control of the state at that dark moment," the paper said. "but rather that she held onto unilateral authority well beyond the initial sorting out period and used it to bypass representative governing."

"Whitmer issued a string of orders that were often arbitrary and capricious, and sometimes baffling — she allowed hardware stores to stay open, but roped off shelves of gardening supplies; Michiganians could go fishing in a canoe, but not in a motorboat, etc. While she demanded unquestioning compliance with her orders, she often violated them herself."

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