BREAKING: Tragic Report Stuns SCOTUS Family - Not Good...

July 2, 2022

Mainstream news outlets including NBC, Axios and Politico lied about what Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in a recent opinion, trying to further smear him and stoke anger from the populace about what he has done.

The three news outlets all said that Thomas erroneously wrote that Thomas claimed coronavirus vaccines are made with the "cells of aborted children," but that is not what Thomas claimed.

Thomas actually wrote in the opinion that people objected to the vaccine on religious grounds because they were "derived from cell lines derived from aborted children."

It is true that no actual aborted fetal cells are used in the vaccines, but it is also true that all of the cells used were made from cell lines taken from an aborted fetus in 1973. So the vaccines are only in existence because of an abortion, which is objectionable to some religious people.

This is what Thomas wrote, representing the views of those that objected, not his own views, either. But leave it to the left-wing media to do everything they can to make him sound like an ignorant bigot even though he is neither.

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