BREAKING: Top Governor Exposes Fraud Behind Kamala Harris - She's BUSTED...

October 6, 2022

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida blasted Vice President Kamala Harris for demanding "equity" when hurricane relief resources are handed out.

DeSantis called it "ridiculous" and "not appropriate." And DeSantis was right.

"I think she’s trying to play identity politics with a — with a storm and a natural disaster," the Governor said.

"And I think it’s ridiculous. And, honestly, we had the FEMA administrator in Florida with us, and she threw cold water on that. So that is not going to happen. It’s totally not appropriate. You don’t have to politicize every single tragedy in this country," DeSantis said, frustrated.

"And I think people, I tell you, in Florida are really sick of the nonsense," DeSantis added.

"They just want people to be helped. They want everyone to band together. And they want us to get these communities back on our feet. So that’s what we’re doing in Florida," DeSantis said about the disaster.

Then DeSantis chimed in with the bomb remark.

"And, Sean, it’s also the impacts spanned all demographics, all income levels. Sanibel has some very wealthy people. They also have blue-collar people. You have other communities, different race, different ethnicities. Who cares? We just want to make sure people have a chance to get back off their feet and get moving forward again," DeSantis hammered.

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