BREAKING: Top GOP Governor Releases Bombshell Video - Leftists Are FURIOUS...

October 20, 2022

For liberals who claim so much to want equality across the nation, they sure are doing a number on women's sports.

Take swimming, for example. Because of their rules, the best lady swimmer in the NCAA has a penis.

Because of that, there's a LEGITIMATE number one female swimmer in the country that had her spotlight stolen.

All because some guy who couldn't cut it in the men's division wanted to face different competition.

It isn't fair to women's sports or the girls that play them.

Kristi Noem feels the same way.

"I’ve worked hard to accomplish my dream, becoming a twelve-time All-American swimmer," American swimmer Riley Gaines said in an advertisement for Noem. "But for girls across America, that dream is being stolen by men competing in women’s sports."

"And the extreme left supports it, like Jamie Smith. Smith even voted in favor of it, jeopardizing girls’ sports," Gaines continued. "Kristi Noem stood up for us, passing the toughest law in the country to defend female sports. I trust Governor Noem to fight for girls across South Dakota."

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