BREAKING: Top GOP Gov Reveals Shocking Secret - Voters Stunned...

July 5, 2022

Governor Kristi Noem is quickly becoming one of the faces of the GOP.

She is young, energetic, and passionate.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is great. She's also inspiring.

Recently, she stopped by Fox to talk about the three big Fs that govern her life:

Faith, family, and farming.

That's something that almost every American in this country can connect with. It's also something that exactly ZERO liberals have any knowledge about.

When Noem is asked WHY she is so passionate about spending her life in politics working for other people, she doesn't even need time to think.

The answer comes quickly and reliably every time:

Her father.

"Growing up with a father like mine was challenging, exciting, exasperating, and inspiring," she says.

Noem was 22 and eight months pregnant with her first child when the unthinkable happened.

Her father passed away.

"Dad was buried alive underneath tons of cold, damp corn."

The moment changed her life in a way that would impact countless others as well.

Losing her favorite man gave her life a new purpose:

"I vowed to never waste my time on things that do not ultimately matter. I would live every day with purpose. I aimed to serve my family, my neighbors, my state, and my country in any way I could."

If her popularity is any indication, she's doing a fine job keeping her promise of purpose.

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