BREAKING: Top Dems In Congress Learn Epic Truth - Say GOODBYE To....

August 20, 2022

A new Rassmussen survey showed that Republicans are once again gaining ground on Democrats in the congressional generic ballot with a lead of five points over Democrats.

In the poll, 46% said they would vote for an unnamed Republican for Congress, compared to 41% who said they would vote for a Democrat. Four percent said they would vote for another candidate, while 8% said they weren't sure.

Last week, their lead was only three points; last month, it was 10 points. Clearly, there is some volatility in likely voters' thinking as the election grows closer.

A few months before the 2018 election when Democrats took control of the House, Democrats had a seven-point lead in the generic ballot, but their lead narrowed to only one point in the weeks before the election.

Counting Republicans and independents together, this poll showed an 11-point advantage for Republicans at this point in the contest.

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