BREAKING: Top Democrats REELING After Attack From GOP - Never Saw It Coming...

August 28, 2022

Republicans are going on the offensive after Democrats launched a blitz of attack ads attempting to energize voters to get out and vote Republicans out for the repeal of Roe v. Wade.

Democrats are painting Republicans in the most extreme way possible on the issue of abortion, hoping that it will motivate left-leaning voters to get out and vote in November. Now Republicans are answering back and the Democrats aren't looking good.

Tiffany Smiley, a Republican running for Senate against incumbent Democrat Senator Patty Murray, exposed Murray's attempt to paint her as an extremist on the issue of abortion.

Smiley released an ad on Thursday where she stated, "Patty Murray has spent millions to paint me as an extremist. I'm pro-life but I oppose a federal abortion ban. Patty Murray wants to scare you, I want to serve you."

Democrats are hoping that painting the opposition as extremists will save them from a crushing defeat in November.

Unfortunately for them, Republicans aren't letting them get away with spreading misinformation. Americans are paying attention, and that will very likely translate to a brutal defeat in November for the Democrat Party.

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