BREAKING: Top Democrats Gets DREADFUL Election News - It's Confirmed...

October 6, 2022

Joe Biden thought he was out of the woods, but it turns out he was anything but. His worst nightmare is back.

Just before midterms, Democrats are losing control of gas prices once again.

Prices fell a little more quickly than anticipated from their early-summer highs, and liberals had hoped prices would stay down.

Anyone who's been at the pump recently knows that they did not.

In the last week alone, gas prices in Arizona have jumped more than thirty percent. That's one of the most important swing states in the nation, and liberals are blowing it just one month before midterms.

In California, things are even worse. Prices are up $.52 in the last week alone.

If this trend continues to grow, or even stays the same, it will confirm what we've known for a while about liberals' midterm election chances:

They're in trouble.

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