BREAKING: Top Democrats Caught In Election Scandal - GOP Reveals Evidence...

July 5, 2022

Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah blasted the Democrats for their push to end the Senate filibuster in an effort to pack the Supreme Court.

The push to pack the Supreme Court comes in the wake of the court's recent rulings that have clearly frustrated and flustered the Democratic party.

Lee noted that the Democrats "hate the democratic process itself," which is why they want the court expanded.

Lee delivered comments on the matter, hammering the Democrats for scandalous shenanigans in an effort to get their way:

"[T]his begs the question — why do they hate democracy? Why do they hate allowing people to elect their own representatives to make laws? That’s really what we’re dealing with here. All they’re saying is Congress has the power if it wants to do things like this to authorize them. Congress hasn’t done that. Congress must do that if it wants the government to act in this way. Well, what is so offensive to them about the idea of having laws enacted by lawmakers who are elected by the people? It’s as though they hate the democratic process itself."

"The Constitution doesn’t work unless you have an independent federal judiciary, and the Supreme Court is pinnacle to that. That’s why they want to get rid of it. That’s why they want to expand it. They want to expand it so they can make it a political organ, and … that would be disastrous."

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