BREAKING: Top Democrats Caught In Anti-American Conspiracy - DISGUSTING...

July 3, 2022

Democrats in Pima County, Arizona, have been scrambling to cover their tracks after it was revealed that they were promoting a "Fuck the Fourth" event hosted by the Tucson Women's March.

A social media post by the Pima County Democratic Party advertising the event was quickly taken down after Republicans pointed out their disgusting behavior to Americans.

Juan Ciscomani, a Republican running to represent Arizona's 6th Congressional District, blasted Democrats saying, "THIS is who is supporting our opponents. These are the crowds they run in. THIS is what we are up against. I love this country and THIS is why we need to win in November."

Democrats have been stirring up anti-American sentiment around the 4th of July for years. But the recent Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade has only intensified anti-Americanism to the point that Democrats are openly saying, "Fuck the Fourth."

The Pima County Democratic Party doubled down on their support of the event saying, "We support the event which will be on July 4 at 7 pm at Reid Park. The event was organized to help women in our community grieve for the loss of their bodily autonomy, which we consider an elemental right."

It will be worth revisiting this come election season and seeing how well anti-Americanism does at the polls. Arizona is a key battleground state and Democrats cannot afford to lose it.

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