BREAKING: Top Democrat Named In Sick Sex Scandal - Oh Man!

September 20, 2022

Iowa's Democrat U.S. Senate nominee Mike Franken is in a bit of hot water.

His former campaign manager is alleging that Franken has been making "several" unwanted advances toward women, including her.

This could be a damning blow for Franken, he is currently in a battle against Republican Senator Chuck Grassley for his Iowa Senate seat.

The former campaign manager's official report had Franken's name blocked out, but people have been able to piece together the man she was naming.

Franken is being accused of "Assault - Simple."

The accuser, Kimberley Strope-Boggus, claims the two had drinks at a bar in Des Moines on March 18.

After that, in an Ace Hardware parking lot, is when Franken made his (unwanted) move.

Apparently, this wasn't the first time.

According to the police report:

Kimberly stated after this phone call Becky made a post on Twitter with negative comments about politicians. Kimberley stated in the post Becky called [Franken] by name and commented that he had fired Kimberly and then called Becky to ask for money. Kimberly stated approximately two and a half hours later [Franken] called her and asked her to have Becky remove the post. Kimberly stated she told [Franken] and not to call her again, and that is the last conversation she had with [Franken].

Kimberly stated after this incident she told Becky about [Franken] kissing her when leaving the bar. She stated that Becky was upset and suggested that she report the incident to Police.

Kimberly stated that on the 04/11, the day prior to our conversation, [Franken’s] team contacted her lawyer. Kimberly stated that she had re-posted Becky’s comments about [Franken] and his team advised her lawyer that that was a violation of the nondisclosure that she sign when she was terminated Kimberly stated that she did remove the post after that.

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