BREAKING: Top Democrat NAILED IN Sick Attack Against Children - The Tape Was Rolling...

October 19, 2022

J.D. Vance, republican running against Democrat Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio for an open Senate seat in Ohio, completely nailed the Democrats and Ryan for causing attacks on his biracial children by trying to link him to the great replacement theory.

"Vance, during the Ohio Senate debate Monday night, said his biracial children end up getting attacked online and in person by 'scumbags' because Democrats, like Ryan, are 'so desperate for political power' that they would accuse him of 'engaging in racism,'" reported Breitbart.

Vance interrupted Ryan, "This is disgusting," he said.

"Here’s exactly what happens when the media and the people like Tim Ryan accuse me of engaging in the great replacement theory… I’ll tell you exactly what happens, Tim," Vance said, while Ryan claimed he was "peddling it."

"What happens is my own children, my biracial children, get attacked by scumbags, online and in person, because you are so desperate for political power that you’ll accuse me, the father of three beautiful biracial babies, of engaging in racism," Vance said. "We are sick of it!"

"You can believe in a border without believing a racist. You can believe in the country without being a racist, and this just shows how desperate this guy is for political power," Vance continued. "I know you’ve been in office for 20 years, Tim, and I know it’s a sweet gig, but you’re so desperate not to have a real job that you’ll slander me and slander, my family. It’s disgraceful."

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