BREAKING: Top Democrat Connected To Murder Bombshell - Read Here...

September 16, 2022

He was known as "Son of the Devil."

For some reason John Fetterman STILL let him out of jail.

The Democrat who is running against Dr. Oz for Pennsylvania Senate, has a past that he probably doesn't want brought up:

He doesn't bother to keep America safe.

In 2019, he helped free a first-degree murderer from prison.

You wouldn't forgive somebody who smashed through the prison wall in a getaway car and let the Son of the Devil catch a ride, so why should we trust the man who worked so hard to free the killer via other means?

If Pennsylvania is smart, they'll see right through John Fetterman.

Luckily, we know we can trust Dr. Oz.

He is a wizard, after all.

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