BREAKING: Top Democrat Caught in Huge Lie - Voters Are FURIOUS...

October 28, 2022

Holy cow, how are these people really the best that Democrats can do? Even more shockingly, how do they keep tricking Americans into electing them?

The insanity has reached a fever pitch in America, with almost every liberal locked in a tight midterm ready to flip their positions on any number of issues at any given time.

What comes out of their mouths has nothing to do with the truth. It never has. The only things liberals tell us is what they want us to hear. If that's not the truth, then so be it.

Senator Maggie Hassan, a Democrat from New Hampshire, recently told an easily identifiable lie in the worst setting possible: in front of a debate audience.

Even though a number of Democrats have come out and admitted that they knew inflation would run rampant under Joe Biden's spend-heavy ideology, Hassan thinks she can keep lying about it and claim it wasn't the fault of liberals.

"Most experts say the labor shortage and the supply chain disruptions are driving inflation are primarily caused by the pandemic and the Ukrainian war."

So who caused those things? Putin was kept in check when Trump was in office, wasn't he?

Look in the mirror Maggie, your own party is destroying America.

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