BREAKING: Top Democrat BUSTED In Election Crime Report - Trump Said It Was...

July 17, 2022

Democrat Stacey Abrams's election group, New Georgia Project, is facing accusations from the Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission that it "failed to disclose" over seven million dollars in expenditures.

These allegations come as Abrams prepares to take on Georgia Governor Brian Kemp in the midterm elections.

Abrams previously lost to Kemp in 2018 and has spent the past four years alleging that the election was stolen by Republicans.

Now Abrams and her election group will have to explain where millions of dollars have gone with a massive election just months away.

Governor Kemp's campaign will be sure to pounce on these allegations of campaign finance fraud and Abrams could find herself coming up short against Brian Kemp a second time.

This investigation will be worth keeping an eye on as Abrams is a rising Democrat star and could very well have future presidential ambitions.

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