BREAKING: Top Democrat BUSTED In Anti-American Scandal - Evidence Is UNREAL...

July 5, 2022

If liberals hate this country so much, what are they doing here?

Stop telling me how much greater Europe is than our home and just move there already!

But they don't. Instead, they'd rather stay here and complain.

Don't believe me? Well you're about to.

There's video proof circulating of prominent liberals talking about how much they hate this country. Keep in mind folks, these are the people that make the rules that govern you.

They hate America AND its people.

The fact that they're the ones making the rules is truly frightening.

Take Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor and Senate candidate Mandela Barnes.

In a video posted on July 3, Mandela Barnes can be heard calling the founding of America "awful."

"Things were bad, things were terrible," Barnes said while discussing America's origins.

That's fine, Mandela. That's more Independence Day for me and more votes for the GOP.

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