BREAKING: They've Been Cancelled - Over 1,400 Already...

August 7, 2022

The unfortunate trend of airlines canceling or delaying large numbers of flights that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic and has seemed to linger like a bad illness continued this week, with at least 1,400 flights being canceled on Friday alone.

7,000 more flights were delayed, with American Airlines and Southwest being the biggest offenders.

That's a lot of travelers whose plans were disrupted or possibly ruined, and all because of COVID restrictions gone amok and hiring problems after airlines did a lot of voluntary retirements at the height of COVID when air travel was light.

Now that air travel has bounced back, even amid higher ticket prices because of high fuel prices, the airlines are struggling to keep up.

Many of the cancelations happen because airline employees call off at the last minute and they don't have adequate staff to fly the plane.

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