BREAKING: They're BOTH Dead - Murder Shocks Nation...

August 22, 2022

St. Paul, Minnesota, was rocked by a horrific murder-suicide on Tuesday night and the details that have been revealed are both terrifying and tragic.

St. Paul Police Department officers responded to the home of Yia Xiong, 33, who was found dead alongside his wife, Ka Lor, 30.

According to the brother of Xiong, "The father asked the five kids to go down in the basement, just go play or whatever. The older son heard three gunshots."

Xiong murdered his wife and then turned the weapon on himself in a horrific murder-suicide that left his five children orphaned.

What is especially tragic is that this horrifying event occurred with no warning. Xiong's brother continued saying, "Stable house, stable job — my brother worked, my sister in-law worked, kids going to school and stuff like that. His kids are his heart, his world."

While the five children are reportedly being taken care of by the family, this situation is still horrifying and a good reminder to check in on loved ones often.

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