BREAKING: They Just Delivered Bad News To Joe Biden - His Future Isn't Good...

July 11, 2022

Bidenflation has swept across the nation, and the general consensus is that the 2022 midterm election will be an "economic election."

Americans are suffocating under the weight of financial difficulty and will vote to remedy that situation, no matter who it is.

New York Times columnist David Brooks said that the 2022 midterm elections will be decided based on economic issues.

The only way the election wouldn't be about economics would be if there is some dramatic change in the United States economy and that voters find themselves more in the middle on abortion.

"I’m a little dubious," Brooks said. "Look, I think this is going to be an economics election, unless, suddenly, inflation goes down, and the jobs stay. But — then we can go to the social issues, but I’m a little skeptical."

Brooks stated that there’s a chance for agreement around "the way France does it, the way Germany does it, a little more conservative, the way Sweden does it, a little looser. They — it would just — it’s like a consensus of where the American people would be...where there are stricter abortion laws, but more social services."

"But we can’t actually get there because no politician could be in the middle on this issue," Brooks added, "because their activists on either side would really go after them. And so, it’s just yet another issue where there’s a potential middle ground, but, because of the way our politics is structured, we can’t get to it."

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