BREAKING: These 3 Words RUINED Joe Biden's Day - WOW

September 3, 2022

During President Joe Biden's primetime speech on Thursday, he spent most of his time trying to convince viewers that Republicans were bad and evil and threatening the country.

How fitting it was, then, that a lone protester threw him off his game by shouting "F*** Joe Biden!" through a bullhorn. The chant had been common last fall and winter as voters began to realize Biden was making the country worse, but it had not been heard much in recent months.

“Throughout our history, America’s often made the greatest progress coming out of some of our darkest moments, like you’re hearing that bullhorn,” Biden said, working the protests into his speech. “I believe we can and must do that again.”

“Look, our democracy is imperfect. It always has been,” Biden said when the chants erupted again. “Notwithstanding, those folks you hear on the other side there, they’re entitled to be outrageous.” The crowd then applauded, but was it for Biden or the protesters?

Then he tried to say that the protesters didn't have "good manners." As if insulting half of the country is showing good manners, either.

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