BREAKING: The Real Joe Biden EXPOSED In New Lawsuit - White House Shocked

October 11, 2022

President Joe Biden's attempt to buy votes by forgiving up to $20,000 in students' federal loans is being met with opposition from several different factions, and now there's another lawsuit for the administration to contend with.

Biden thinks he's helping people get out of debt, but in reality he is taking money from those that have the highest earning potential from everyone including some of the lowest earners, who never even went to college.

“By shifting the burden to taxpayers, including those who didn’t go to college or paid their student loans back, colleges escape responsibility for their actions creating the student loan crisis,”  President of Job Creators Network Elaine Parker said.

Job Creators Network is one of the organizations suing Biden over the program in order to stop the unfairness.

"The administration’s action does nothing to address the root cause of unaffordable tuition: greedy and bloated colleges that raise tuition far more than inflation year after year while sitting on $700 billion in endowments,” she said.

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