Breaking the Goldilocks rule: Menendez wasn't just a little corrupt

September 25, 2023

Legal expert Jonathan Turley said in an op-ed for The Hill that Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) broke the "Goldilocks rule" of corruption by being especially brazen about it.

Menendez has been under investigation for years and beat a previous indictment in 2017, but he apparently started openly taking even more bribes after he was acquitted.

The powerful senator is so far holding onto his job after indictment even as many prominent Democrat lawmakers call for his resignation, but he has had to step down from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which he chaired.

Turley tells the story of a federal judge Menendez voted to impeach for doing exactly the same thing he has been accused of doing for over a decade.

The problem, Turley said, is that most politicians are corrupt on some level, and by pointing out corruption, they risk upsetting the applecart of their own misdeeds.

The accusations against Menendez and his wife go so far beyond the normal low-level corruption that the unwritten  Goldilocks rule considers "just right" that something had to be done about it, he said.

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