BREAKING: Texas Gov. BODYSLAMS New York Mayor - HAHA, SO Funny...

August 11, 2022

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has found a creative way to take care of the immigrant problem that Joe Biden's open borders have caused.

Obviously, we are not better than other humans for being born in America, and we respect how badly other people want to live in our country.

But we have to worry about American citizens first, just as England should be most concerned about English people, and Mexico should be most concerned about the health of Mexicans.

Right now, our southern states do not have the ability to simply absorb millions of more citizens in the form of illegal immigrants all at once.

If you don't live on a border state, you wouldn't know anything about how it actually is to have an illegal immigration problem.

Those idiots should get off their high horse in D.C. and NYC and take some immigrants there.

But they simply won't do it.

When they're asked, they say the immigrants need to stay in Texas.

The response from Texas Governor Greg Abbott? Too bad. The Republican is going to bus them to your states anyway.

And if New York City Mayor Eric Adams continues to threaten Abbott over the issue?

Abbott promises to take care of business.

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