BREAKING: Ted Cruz Makes Surprising Trump Announcement - Trump Grinning...

July 25, 2022

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas said that if former President Donald Trump announces he is running for President in 2024, the field will clear as many constituents will drop out of the race.

Trump has to be loving Cruz's comments right now. Lots of "yuge" grinning going on in the Trump house.

"I'm sure it clears it out significantly," Cruz said of a potential Trump 2024 announcement.

"We'll see what happens. Look, the lay of the land is everyone is waiting to see what Trump decides to do. Anyone who tells you they're not is lying to you. And he's going to decide on whatever time frame he desires," Cruz said.

"I think he accomplished an enormous amount as president, and I was proud to work hand in hand with him in achieving results for the American people." Cruz said.

Cruz noted the media's "hatred" of Trump, saying that voters are ready to "move back to the direction of common sense."

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