BREAKING: Ted Cruz Just Exposed Joe Biden's Darkest Secret - Terrible...

September 29, 2022

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is livid about the Left's laundry list of racist actions and remarks, and this time Cruz just let his tongue fly on a passionate rant about the Democrats and their hypocrisy.

"Sen. Ted Cruz blasted President Joe Biden and Democrats for being racist and not caring about the southern border," reported Washington Examiner.

"Look, I know that Democrats have one card in their entire deck, and it’s the race card," Cruz said. "They scream racist, racist, racist."

"But you know what, President Obama? You know what, President Biden? You know what’s racist?" Cruz hammered. "When Joe Biden sits by and lets 4.5 million people cross into this country illegally, and he doesn’t care."

Cruz said Biden "doesn’t give a damn' about what is really happening at the southern United States border.

Cruz went on a rant listing the ways the current administration is grotesquely racist.

"You know what’s racist?" Cruz asked again. "When Joe Biden can’t be bothered to go down to the border and see the little girls and little boys being sexually assaulted by international cartels."

"You know what’s racist?" Cruz added passionately. "When Joe Biden doesn’t care about the Hispanic women being raped by the cartels."

"You know what’s racist?" Cruz asked another time. "When Biden doesn’t care about the dead bodies that the cartels leave on Texas farms and ranches across the southern border."

"You know what’s racist?" he continued. "That Biden will do nothing to stop the 100,000 fentanyl overdoses that happened last year."

"That is grotesque — and you know what’s racist?" Cruz said passionately. "When all the lily-white folks on Martha’s Vineyard sit back and say, 'No, no, no, we don’t want any illegal immigrants here. Send them to South Texas, they can deal with it.' That is grotesque, it’s offensive, and even to this day, Joe Biden doesn’t give a damn."

"Can we send them back?" asked Cruz. "Oh, no, no, no, that’s just for rich billionaire leftists who the only time they’re willing to see an immigrant is if they want someone to mow their damn lawn."

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