BREAKING: Ted Cruz Exposes Supreme Court Surprise - America Stunned...

August 4, 2022

Ted Cruz is on the warpath.

The Republican from Texas is FURIOUS, and most America would agree with his right to be.

For a long time, Supreme Court justices were being harassed and abused after it was announced that Roe v. Wade was being overturned.

Ridiculously, America's Justice Department did almost nothing to protect the Supreme Court Justices, despite it being illegal to protest outside of a judge's private residence.

Cruz wants to know why only one person in the entire country is being arrested despite there being indisputable evidence that hundreds and hundreds had illegally harassed the justices.

"One person?" Cruz asked.

"What about the hundreds of others? All of whom have violated the law. On the face of it, it's not complicated. The law is very clear. Why does the Department of Justice pick and choose which laws to enforce, which criminal laws to enforce? Why does it seem to exactly follow the pattern of the partisan preferences of the Biden White House?"

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