Bill Maher defends Governor Ron DeSantis's stances on parental rights and abortion

November 13, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has become the top target for the left over the past years. Shockingly, that didn't stop liberal TV host Bill Maher from defending some of his policies.

During Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s Real Time, Maher defended DeSantis' stances on parental rights and abortion.

During a discussion, Maher stated "I think Florida — I think one reason he did well in Florida, [is] because didn’t he have a 15-week rule? Which is similar to what they have in Europe."

Maher also defended DeSantis's actions in upholding parental rights in public schools.

Maher said, "I mean, I read the don’t say gay — which is not the name of the law — they called it the don’t say gay law. It could have been called the let’s do things in schools the way we did five years ago law. It really could have."

In a world where the left and the right are splitting further apart, Bill Maher is one of the last remnants on the left capable of objectively analyzing policy.

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