BREAKING: Supreme Court Update Has Democrats FURIOUS - LOL

July 8, 2022

Liberals thought that they had a decent strategy after Roe v. Wade was repealed.

It turns out, whining about the decision and inciting violence isn't impressing anyone. Not even liberals.

Aaron Chappell, political director of the grassroots group Our Revolution, recently described the liberal response after the Dobbs decision.

"Here we are with leadership basically reduced to begging for people to vote. No clear plan, no promises of what those votes will translate to."

Americans have a problem with "no clear plan?"

You could have fooled me, as we voted in this bozo Biden even though that pretty much summed up his entire campaign.

Even Democrats are criticizing liberals like Biden's response to the Supreme Court:

"It’s just astounding that it took them this long and then when he finally gets to it, when he finally comes around on it, it’s a weak announcement at the end of a news week. People are pretty pissed."

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