BREAKING: Supreme Court Says NO - Nation Shocked...

August 12, 2022

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that Oberlin College does NOT have to pay a $36 MILLION judgement that was awarded to a mom-and-pop bakery the college slandered as racist.

Oberlin does not have to pay as long as the appeals process is still playing out.

The college falsely accused the bakery of being racist, a near death-sentence in today's woke society.

The business is reportedly struggling to survive after being labelled as "racist."

A dean of Oberlin organized a woke mob to slander the baking family as racists after the bakery tried to call the police on three black students for allegedly shoplifting a bottle of wine.

Oberlin is currently facing interest charges for not paying the bakery on time.

The total owed to the bakery is now up to $36 million.

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