BREAKING: Supreme Court Bombshell Rocks Religious Community [Developing]

September 9, 2022

An Orthodox Jewish university in New York City has filed an emergency application to the United States Supreme Court.

The reason?

Their state supreme court recently decided that the university NEEDED to approve the LGBT student group "Pride Alliance" "immediately" despite the club being in violation of the school's religious beliefs.

The university wrote in its application that it is not trying to discriminate, but cannot allow the group to be part of a JEWISH university.

"As a deeply religious Jewish university, Yeshiva cannot comply with that order because doing so would violate its sincere religious beliefs about how to form its undergraduate students in Torah values."

A Jewish university should be allowed to hold Jewish beliefs for their Jewish students.

If you don't like Jewish beliefs, why are you attending a Jewish university?

Your rhetoric would be loved at most universities, instead you would rather cause problems at a different one.

Typical liberal logic.

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