BREAKING: Stunning Message Hidden Inside Biden's Dark Speech - WOW

September 5, 2022

President Joe Biden used the word "Democracy" over 31 times during his notorious speech on Thursday evening in Philadelphia that targeted not only former President Trump but also all of his supporters too.

Biden's speech shocked the nation as he described Americans who support Trump as enemies in one of his most divisive moments as President yet.

After describing Trump supporters as a threat to the nation, Biden finished his speech saying, "I believe the soul is the breath, the life, and the essence of who we are. The soul is what makes us us. The soul of America is defined by the sacred proposition that all are created equal in the image of God. That all are entitled to be treated with decency, dignity, and respect. That all deserve justice and a shot at lives of prosperity and consequence. And that democracy, democracy, must be defended for democracy makes all these things possible."

To further hit home the point that Biden loves Democracy, he ended his speech by saying, "Democracy. Thank you."

Republicans quickly called out the President for his unapologetic divisiveness that would have made his predecessor blush. The ominous red backlighting didn't help Biden's optics.

The President's gross attacks on over half the population truly illustrate just how desperate President Biden and the Democrat Party are getting.

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