BREAKING: Shocking Shooting Leaves 11 DEAD - Nation Stunned...

October 17, 2022

A shooting at a Russian military range left 11 dead and 15 wounded. Russia is naming the event a terrorist attack.

"Russian authorities on Saturday said a mass shooting at one of the country's military ranges left nearly a dozen dead and more than a dozen injured," reports JustTheNews.

In response, the attackers were killed.

"The shooting allegedly took place in the Belgorod region of the country in the southeastern part of the country," reported JustTheNews.

"The shooters reportedly targeted soldiers engaging in firing practice, killing 11 during the rampage and wounding 15," according to a report from JustTheNews.

"The Russian Defense Ministry said in an official announcement that the incident was being labeled a terrorist attack," according to JustTheNews.

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