BREAKING: She's QUITTING Immediately - No More Election For Her...

August 1, 2022

Wisconsin is a battleground state, and Wisconsin's Treasurer Sarah Godlewski dropped out of the state's Democratic U.S. Senate.

The drop out may indicate which party holds majority control in Senate.

Godlewski's drop out is the the third this week, making Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes the clear frontrunner to face Republican Senator Ron Johnson.

"The race in battleground Wisconsin, which Donald Trump narrowly won in 2016 but lost by a nearly equal number of votes in 2020, could determine which party holds majority control in the 50-50 Senate. Johnson, who had not commented on the two other drop-outs, weighed in after Godlewski left the race," reported Fox.

"Showing their lack of respect for voters and the democratic process, the power brokers of the Democrat party have now cleared the field for their most radical left candidate," Johnson wrote on Twitter.

"Socialist policies have produced this mess, & a radical left Senator from Wisconsin is not the solution," Johnson added.

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