BREAKING: She's Going To PRISON - Nation Stunned...

August 5, 2022

Public reaction to the nine-and-a-half year Russian prison sentence given Thursday to WNBA athlete Brittney Griner for bringing marijuana vaping supplies into Russia was varied but outraged.

The WNBA called the sentence "unjust" and a "terrible blow" to the organization. It called Griner a "beatiful person . . . . loved by her fans all over the world" and said that because of her service to the UN, she deserves to come home.

At least one Twitter user pointed out the irony that so many were outraged over her drug sentence for minor possession, given that the U.S. has had a record of similar sentences for drug offenders.

Another pointed out that that Putin is "parading" Griner like a "carnival act."

More than one Twitter user tried to say that former President Donald Trump was a worse criminal than Griner, and one offered to "give Trump back" to the Russians in exchange for Griner's release--proving that liberals can truly blame or connect Trump to anything.

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